April 15 - Bulk editing, filter by new & returning, a new feature request board, and more

Another week, another set of shiny new product features. Here are the improvements we've shipped this week:

πŸŽ‰ Our feature request board is live!

The board lets you see what new features are coming, upvote feature requests and share ideas.

We've pre-populated it with a few features and will gradually add more, but we want your contributions to help us define what we'll be building next!

It's available at https://ideas.orbit.love or click Feature Requests in the top-right user menu from within Orbit itself.


βœ… Bulk editing member details

It is now possible to edit multiple members at a time on the members’ table. So you can:

  • Change their Title, Company or Location
  • Delete them from your workspace
  • Add or remove tags

For the keyboard-driven power-users, there's a new set of keyboard shortcuts to help with this too. Check out full details.

πŸͺ£ Filter members by new vs. returning

The filters widget on the members, activities, and reports pages now supports filtering by New and Returning.


So you can bucket users by whether their first activity was before a start date, in which case they'd be "Returning" or after the start date, so they're "New". The devil's in the detail with this one, so check out full details for some useful usage notes.

πŸ› Bug fixes

Fixed: When updating a members slug, the modal hangs indefinitely, then you get redirected to a 404
Fixed: No 'default' avatar shown for a new user in a workspace
Fixed: App spinner freezes on attempt to change email in user settings
Fixed: Internal errors on CSV import when sorting or filtering is applied
Fixed: On the members table, sorting by a column incorrectly filters out empty values in that column
Fixed: Selecting "slack" identity hides email and other fields from the members table

And many more...