April 23 - New report group options, Private Slack channel support, and more

  • Group reports by company, location, and title
  • Private Slack Channel support (for existing users)
  • Bug fixes!

πŸ“Š Group reports by company, location, and title

We've expanded the list of fields you can group the reports by to include company, location, and title. This means that you can now drill down on these dimensions in the standard reports and the report builder. So you can see the most common member locations, which companies have the most members or activities, or group by title to segment reports by job role. This is great when planning events, content, spotting potential new leads, or generally getting a better understanding of who comprises your community.


Learn more about this new capability.

πŸ’¬ Private Slack Channel support (for existing users)

We added Private Slack Channel support to our Slack integration a couple of weeks ago, but that was for new integrations only. Now, Orbit users with an existing Slack Integration in their workspace can upgrade their integration to pull messages from private Slack channels.


Learn more about how to do this.

πŸ› Bug fixes

Fixed: Non-admin-users aren't able to pin activities in a member's profile
Fixed: CSV import didn't tag the imported members

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