August 6 - Unlimited Bulk Member Editing, Meetup Integration Improvements, and more

Here's what shipped this week:

  • Unlimited bulk member editing
  • Meetup integration improvements
  • Lots of bug fixes and polish items

🆕 Unlimited Bulk Member Editing


We’ve improved our bulk member editing feature, introduced last April, that now allows you to update any number of members at a time (it was previously capped to 25).

Learn more

⚙️ Meetup Community Integration Improvements

Historical importing of older data is now possible, and which Meetup RSVPs to send to Orbit are now dynamically determined based on the last activity. Learn more

🐛 Bug Fixes

Fixed: Better rate limit handling in the Ruby Helper Library for Activities in the Orbit API
Fixed: Custom activities created via the Orbit UI can now have a weight higher than 2
Fixed: Geolocation information coming from Third Party APIs can sometimes be incomplete or inaccurate
Fixed: Validate creation of an activity key to only allow use of _ or : characters
Fixed: Better user experience and guidance for uploading a CSV of members or activities
Fixed: Filters on the Members, Activities and Reports pages can now be removed more easily using an 'x'

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