July 2 - Custom Activity Weights, Import Activities, Integration Improvements, & More

Here's what shipped this week:

  • Custom Activity Weights
  • CSV Import for Activities
  • Updates to the DEV & Circle Integrations

🆕 Custom Activity Weights for Official Integrations

We've added support for updating workspace activity types for our official integrations. So you can customize weights for activities within our official integrations based on relevance to your community.

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🆕 CSV Import for Activities

It is now possible to import activities via CSV. This is great for importing historical product activities, mailing list subscribers, event attendees etc.

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⚙️Updates to the DEV & Circle Community Integrations

For both the DEV and Circle integrations, we've added a new historical-import option to the command-line interface (CLI) and to the GitHub Action template. So you can send past data into Orbit.

Both integrations now check dynamically for the latest content, and only sends comments and activities newer than that date.

Learn more about changes to the Circle integration

Learn more about changes to the DEV integration

🐛 Bug Fixes

Fixed: The Slack Integration incorrectly marks some messages as Thread Replies during historical import
Fixed: Discord channels marked as token invalid are not reset after the user solves the problem on their side
Fixed: Ability to search for members via the API where one of their identities is unknown
Fixed: Return job title attribute in API response for members
Fixed: Add tooltip on Warning icons for integrations
Fixed: Relative timeframe issue on reports when it's the first day of the month
Fixed: Clicking on CSV export at the top of the members table always exports all the members whatever the filters, and the generated CSV file includes the old Love values instead of the new ones
Fixed: Remove repository objects from workspace API payload, these are not expanded so not very useful
Fixed: In some cases, the member's activity feed contains a series of activities they didn't perform
Fixed: Prevent members table refresh when no new member tags are added
Fixed: Show members having avatars first on the workspace homepage

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