July 16 - Reports Page Nav, New vs. Returning Filters, Community Integration updates, and more

Here's what shipped this week:

  • New reports page nav
  • New vs. Returning Member filters
  • Dev, Circle, and LinkedIn integration updates

πŸ†• Reports Page Navigation

On the Reports page, a new top navigation menu replaced the old sidebar to make it easy for you to explore all your community data and discover Orbit's reporting capabilities.

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πŸ†• New vs. Returning Member Filters for Specific Timeframes

We have added support for filtering new or returning members for a given time period. So for example, selecting β€œNew (first active after Jun 9)” will select only members whose first activity happened after June 9.

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βš™οΈ DEV, Circle, and LinkedIn Community Integration Updates

Both the DEV and Circle community integrations now support pagination for followers and comments, and posts respectively. This means that on each run the integration will fetch all the new content and not only the first page of results.

Meanwhile, for the LinkedIn community integration, we've added a new historical-import option to the command-line interface (CLI) and to the GitHub Action template. So you can send past data into Orbit. Learn more.

πŸ› Bug Fixes

Fixed: Provide a CSV template to make it easier to import activities/members in bulk
Fixed: Add member name as a sufficient required column for CSV activities import
Fixed: Consider the member.name feature for Merge suggestions (in addition to identities.name)
Fixed: Pull Request Merged activities are incorrectly marked as Pull Request Open activities
Fixed: The Group filter is showing an empty dropdown
Fixed: In some cases, the "In progress" banner is still shown when the import is done or has failed
Fixed: Allow users to receive Teammate activities for Alerts through a checkbox
Fixed: Alert the user in the UI when the Discourse credentials become invalid

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