June 3 - Segments, Dashboards, Better Filtering and more

Recent product updates we've shipped:

  • Member Segments
  • Better Filters with Tag Combinations
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Orbit Model upgrades and the new Presence column
  • Orbit Zapier App Now Has Ability to Create Member Notes
  • Additional Ways to Integrate with Orbit
  • On-Demand API Token Regeneration
    and more

Member Segments

Member segments are a new feature that will help you do proactive community building. You can access them right from your workspace home page and they highlight interesting groups of people within your community that you might want to focus more time on.


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Better Filters with Tag Combinations

The filters widget is now organized into five categories to more gracefully support all the different filters that are available to you. You can now do a few things:

  • Easily separate new from returning members (remember, new orbit levels contain only returning members)
  • Separate lightweight members in Orbit 4 from everyone else
  • Toggle teammates in and out more quickly
  • Find members who have no activities (e.g. manually added in the UI or uploaded via CSV)

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Custom Dashboards

Custom dashboards will allow Orbit users to save the Figures they’ve built (using the Reports Builder) inside of named Dashboards for easier access, sharing, and editing.
Dashboards can be either Shared or Personal. Shared dashboards are able to be viewed, edited, and deleted by other members in your Orbit workspace, while Personal dashboards are only accessible and modifiable by you.


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Orbit Model upgrades and the new Presence column

We're very excited to announce a significant upgrade to the Orbit Model designed to help you better understand your community and segment your members. This includes Presence, which is a new component of the Orbit Model that measures a community member's activity over a selected date range, channel, or sub-channel (e.g a GitHub repository or Discourse category). It is shown as a bar that gives you more information when you hover over it:


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Other Improvements

🐛 Bug fixes

Fixed: Cannot set a publication date on Content Activities in the UI
Fixed: CSV import fails when the header is null
Fixed: No information is returned when the member search returns 0 members
Fixed: Changelog item menu and pane are moving when scrolling
Fixed: Affiliation filter missing in the new filters widget on the activities and reports pages
Fixed: Discord identity missing in bulk CSV import
Fixed: Custom Activity Attributes missing in Webhooks Payload
Fixed: Users don't know they should click on the tweet activity timestamp to see the tweet on Twitter
Fixed: Uploading a file with different extension than .csv is throwing a 500 error
Fixed: False errors on CSV Import Validation

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