May 7 - Discord integration, Zapier app improvements, and more

This week we've shipped:

  • Discord integration
  • Zapier app improvements
  • Plenty of bug fixes

🆕 Discord Integration

Our Discord integration is now open to all. Use the Discord integration to automatically ingest messages from your Discord server to Orbit. We’ll create a member profile for every participant and an activity for every message.


To learn more, check out our user guide and launch post.

⚙️ Zapier app now supports Triggers, Activity Weights and more

The Orbit Zapier App now supports the ability to initiate Zaps with a New Activity Trigger. This opens up a whole new range of possible integrations that you can create on Zapier. For example, you could automate sending a tweet on new activities.


You can set custom weights for an activity, and all other remaining member and activity fields are now supported, like activity tags, member t-shirt sizes, pronouns, and others.

🐛 Bug fixes

Fixed: Slack teams and Discourse categories are pulled in an odd way in the filters
Fixed: The Add content modal doesn't render
Fixed: No error message is displayed when submitting an invalid content URL
Fixed: When creating a Discourse integration, if the form is invalid, the spinner hangs forever and an error message is not displayed
Fixed: Updating the workspace name throws a 404
Fixed: 500 errors on Integrations/new when the GitHub token has been revoked/is invalid
Fixed: On Reports, the default filter labels stay applied even when custom dates are selected

To upvote feature requests and share your feature requests, check out our roadmap and ideas board.