April 8 - Private Slack channels, new filters, and more

  • Create members and activities for private Slack channels
  • Filter by activities count, identity, location and company

March 19 - A fresh new look, CSV imports, updated reports, and more

We recently shipped UI updates across the app, updated reports, and CSV imports among other things.

March 9 - Sign in with Google, uncapped members list downloads, and more

  • Sign in with Google
  • Download your entire members and activities lists
  • Assign custom weights to activities / update your custom activities

February 8 - Custom identity sources

Add members fast, add custom identities, and more.

January 28 - Slack app available

Today, our Slack app is out of beta and available in all workspaces.

December 9 - GitHub stars and Twitter follows now available on timelines and reports

Orbit now helps you track all of your GitHub stars and Twitter follows 🎉

November 6 - Discourse integration

💬 The long awaited Discourse integration is now available - just click “Add integration” on your workspace settings page to try it out, and feel free to share feedback and ideas in #integration-discourse

October 23 - Zapier app

The Zapier app is now in production. Get started here 👇

October 16 - Autocomplete, workspace permissions

🔍 The nav bar search now auto-completes as you type
👯 Member merge is now available in all workspaces - view all duplicates on your Members page, or click Merge on the profile page you’d like to merge with another member
🔒 Workspace owners can now update permissions of the users in your workspace - just click Settings in the navigation

October 2 - Member merge updates

Orbit now suggests members to merge! The new UI shows a side-by-side comparison of the potential duplicates, allowing you to quickly clean your data. You’ll also see call-outs on individual profiles, alerting you to potential conflicts as you navigate Orbit.