Adding activities

This guide will walk you through adding custom activities to a member in the Orbit web app.


There are several ways to automatically add activities to members, including through the GitHub integration, Twitter integration, and the API.

But sometimes you just want to add a single one-off activity to a member profile, like when you have a zoom or coffee meeting, they speak at an event on your behalf, or otherwise contribute in a meaningful way.

In those cases, navigate to their profile page ad click Add an activity:

The Add an activity button is available on the member profile page.

Clicking that link will open a dialogue for entering the event:

Activity fields

A screenshot of an activity with the 4 fields highlighted.

Refer to the image above to see where these fields appear in the timeline items:

  1. Title (required)
  2. Description
  3. Link Text
  4. Link URL
  • Type: this optional hidden field will allow you to group and report on activity types, like events, meetups, pull requests, tweets, etc.
  • Key: this optional hidden field is used to avoid duplication of activities.

Add activities to your workspace via CSV

To import several activities to your workspace at once, add first all the activities, and the members who did them, to a CSV file. Navigate to the Workspace Settings page, click the Import tab, then Import Activities.

The expected CSV format is as follows:

NOTE: Be sure to quote column data that contains a comma, such as tags.

In order to identify the member that did the activity, at least one of the following is required:

nameTextThe full name for the member
emailTextThe email address for the member
githubTextThe Github username for the member
twitterTextThe Twitter username for the member
linkedinTextThe LinkedIn username for the member
discordTextThe Discord username for the member

The title of the activity is required:

titleTextThe title of the activity

The following columns are optional (refer to the image above to see how they’re used in Orbit)

descriptionTextA description of the activity
linkTextA relevant external URL
link_textTextThe text that will be displayed for the link above
typeTextThe activity type to enable better grouping and reporting
weightDecimalThe activity weight (learn more)
keyTextUsed to avoid duplication of activities
occurred_atDateWhen the activity occurred (ISO 8601 format, e.g. 2021-06-24)
pinned0 or 1Whether or not to pin the activity to the user profile
member_tagsArray (Text)Tags to associate with the member (e.g. "tag1,tag2,tag3"). Will override existing tags
member_tags_to_addArray (Text)Tags to associate with the member (e.g. "tag1,tag2,tag3"). Will append to existing tags


Having trouble importing a CSV file? Head to the Troubleshooting CSV imports section to read about common issues and how to fix them.

Further reading

To learn more about specific types of activities added by Orbit's integrations, as well as the idea of activity weights, please visit this section of our doc.