Community made resources

Content, projects, and tools created by the Orbit community

This page contains a list of resources made by the Orbit community 🙌 If you've created something, please let us know and we'd be happy to include it here.

orbit-github-integration by Grafana - A Python script that can be used as a GitHub action to monitor and load GitHub activity into Orbit when you want to track into more than one Orbit Workspace.

Orbit Batch/Bulk Data Import by Kevin Lewis- An Airtable template and script for bulk importing historical Activities.

NodeOrbit by David G. Simmons - A bunch of Node-Red stuff to use with Orbit

OrbitParser by David G. Simmons - Pull data from the Orbit JSON into a .csv file; written in Go

Enter Our Orbit by Kevin Lewis - Get data from Stack Overflow, YouTube and Twitch and add it to your Orbit workspace with this Node.js app

Twitch Orbit by Michael Jolley - A Node.js application that listens for Twitch activities like chat messages, cheers, gifts, subscribing, and more and adds it to your Orbit workspace

Orbit Signal by Kevin Lewis - Add bulk activities, like scanning attendee badges at a conference, to your Orbit workspace with this static web app deployed to Netlify

Guides and Tutorials

Using Orbit to better manage your open source developer project community - by Tessa Kriesel - Open source project maintainers may not know they have fans in the shadows willing to support them—if the opportunity arises. Track them with Orbit!

Migrating Community Metrics to Orbit using n8n - by Harshil Agrawal - "Structuring data in Google Sheets for community metrics was also a painful task. The biggest challenge was making sense of these metrics. So I started using Orbit and connected my Google Sheets to it using n8n to transfer data automatically."