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Set up the Orbit GitHub integration

This guide will walk you through setting up the GitHub integration.

The Orbit GitHub integration will automatically ingest contributors and activities from the repos you provide access to. We'll create a profile for every contributor, a global and personal timeline for all activities, and generate an automatic report.

Installing the Orbit app in your GitHub organization

With your workspace created, the next step is to install the Orbit for GitHub app, which will sync your repos with your workspace.

The “Connect with GitHub” button will prompt you a list of GitHub accounts and organizations for you to choose from.

The Orbit app will ask for Read-only permissions, and you can select which repos it will have access to.


If you aren’t the admin of the GitHub organization, you won’t be able to install the app yourself, you’ll need to request it. Requesting it will send a message to the admins of the GitHub organization. Once they approve it, you’ll have the ability to attach it to your new workspace.

You can import all repositories, or select any number of specific ones.

If you choose "All", Orbit will only connect to public repositories. If you choose a specific set of repositories, public or private, Orbit will connect to those and those only. If you wish to have a hybrid of public and private repositories connected to Orbit, you'll need to choose "Only select repositories" and select all of the ones you're interested in.

Adding your GitHub organization to your workspace

Finally, add your organization to your workspace.


Tip: you can attach multiple GitHub orgs to an Orbit workspace.

Orbit will now import activities and contributors from your organization's repos. It may take a few minutes to fully sync.

Configuring your installation post-setup

If you need to update which repos are included in your workspace, navigate to Settings and view the Integrations section

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Set up the Orbit GitHub integration

This guide will walk you through setting up the GitHub integration.

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