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Orbit Zapier Zap examples

The Orbit Zapier app gives you the ability to connect your Orbit workspace to numerous third-party services.

In this guide, we will walk through setting up the app for the first time in Zapier and connecting your Orbit workspace to Eventbrite. The same workflow principles will apply for Zapier integrations with Meetup, Shopify, Google Sheets, and more.


You’ll need your API Token, which you can grab from your settings page inside Orbit.

You should also have the Orbit API Documentation handy.

Finally, add the Orbit Zapier app (beta) to your Zapier account here.

Setup the Orbit Zapier app

The first time you use the Orbit app, you’ll be asked to enter the URL slug of your workspace name and your API key.

Find your workspace slug in the URL bar; it's what comes after https://app.orbit.love/, e.g. https://app.orbit.love/**your-workspace-slug**

Find your API key on the Account Settings page.

Connect Eventbrite registrations to Orbit


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Start by adding the Eventbrite app and authenticating your account.

Select your organization and set Event Status to All.

If you want to manage all of your event registrations in Orbit, leave the Event box blank. Otherwise, select an event to manage a specific event.

Click Find Data to load data for testing the next step:

For the second step, choose the Orbit app, and select Create Activity:

Here’s how we configured the attributes for the new activity:

The resulting Activity in Orbit will look like this:

Common issues

“is required and must be valid”

This error usually means the Zapier zap didn't send Orbit an email address, Twitter username, or GitHub username.

Alternatively, if you're trying to resolve a Twitter or GitHub username, Orbit will first determine if that user exists on the platform in question. If it does not, Orbit will not create a Member and Activity and will throw this error.


This is usually related to authentication. Navigate to https://zapier.com/app/connections and try reconnecting the Orbit app. Ensure you've correctly entered your Workspace Name (just the part of the URL after .love/) and your API token.

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Orbit Zapier Zap examples

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