Search changes - March 2021

Starting on March 8, 2021, we will begin phasing out the Search page of the workspace. Starting this week, we will be reducing the number of facets. The full page will be retired as of April 1. The autocomplete search box in the header will not be affected.

We are responding to feedback that having both a table and a search, each with their own filters and behavior, is confusing. We agree!

To make sure we're not taking away any data-wrangling powers, we will be adding new filters to the members and activities tables this month. Those include location (country, city, state, region), company, title, identity presence, and location. The filters will also be added to the reports for maximum slicing and dicing of the data.

The search in the header will be kept and is being upgraded. It will show a richer preview of each member and also allow you to search other types of data, working toward a full omnibox experience.

If you require longer access to search facets that will be removed on March 9 (repositories, activity types, and activities count), or have concerns about losing access to the search page on April 1, please let us know. The new filters mentioned above will gradually be rolled out in March and April.

Thank you!